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About us

Georgian pharmaceutical science was founded in the fall of 1919 by the establishment of the chemical pharmaceutical department at Tbilisi State University. On May 5, 1932 the Institute of Parmacochemistry was founded in the basis of Tbilisi State Medical Institute. Since 1937 the Institute of Pharmacochemistry was under the control of various institutions. About eight decades later, on August 20, 2010, the Iovel Kutateladze Institute of Pharmacochemistry was reintegrated with the Tbilisi State Medical University.

Nowadays TSMU I.Kutateladze Institute of Pharmacochemistry is Georgia's leading organization in the field of drug design and development. Renovated research laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art instruments: analytical high-efficiency liquid chromatographs with DAD, MS detectors, a preparative high-performance liquid chromatograph; a gas chromatograph with FID and MS detectors, etc. Additionally, the institute owns the pilot plant, plantations of medicinal plants, and a unique herbarium. All above mentioned coincide with the institute’s mission to  

▪ provide quality and results-oriented research;

▪ provide a diversity of scientific inquiry;

▪ develop subject-oriented and interdisciplinary studies;

▪ create an appropriate base for integration into international scientific space

Investigations carried out in the fields of pharmacobotany, phytochemistry, organic synthesis, modification of natural compounds, analytical chemistry, pharmacology, and pharmaceutical technology, are focused on the investigation of biologically active substances of plant and mineral origin, the study of their chemical properties and pharmacological efficacy, development of the technological and analytical methods and, as a result, creation of original medicinal remedies.

Currently, the institute unites 48 scientists 12 PhD students and 11 lab assistants, which are employed in 6 research departments and 13 divisions. 

The researchers of the institute are well recognized abroad and collaborate fruitfully with leading universities and scientific-research centers worldwide including those in Marseille (France), Innsbruck (Austria), Geneva (Switzerland), Liège (Belgium), Salerno (Italy), Athens (Greece), Ariel (Israel), Quebec (Canada), the Medical University of Azerbaijan, and the Science and Technology Center of Armenia, where dozens of institute employees, PhD and master's students have interned. Jointly published publications and scientific conferences reflect the completion of cooperative scientific initiatives and PhD theses

Several dozen monographs, collections of scientific works, and thousands of articles in peer-reviewed journals have been published.

The institute makes a substantial contribution to pharmaceutical education and successfully coordinates and manages professional practical training and internships for undergraduate, master's, and PhD students jointly with the TSMU Faculty of Pharmacy.

TSMU Iovel Kutateladze Institute of Pharmacochemistry is actively involved in international and local conferences and symposiums being host or co-organizer of many international scientific events.