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Georgian pharmaceutical science was founded in the fall of 1919 by the establishment of the chemical pharmaceutical department of Tbilisi State University. On May 5, 1932 the institute of Parmacochemistry was founded in the basis of Tbilisi State Medical institute. From 1937 the institute of Pharmacochemistry was under the control of various institutions. About eight decades later, on August 20, 2010, the Iovel Kutateladze Institute of Pharmacochemistry was reintegrated as part of Tbilisi State Medical University.
Pharmacy has ancient traditions in Georgia, and is one of the most important medical fields in the country. With the support of Tbilisi State Medical University, the Institute of Pharmacochemistry continues its fundamental and scientific research activities related to the creation of new medicines. During the existence of the Institute, more than 70 medications and useful models have been developed as a result of successful research. Currently, the institute has patent ownership of 16 original medications. Many competitive drugs have been registered in Georgia and beyond its borders.
The Institute incorporates 5 scientific research departments in 12 scientific fields and an experimental-industrial base. There are 49 scientific researchers, 7 lab assistants and 1 doctorate involved in scientific activities.
The Institute of Pharmacochemistry is considered a scientific, research, consultancy, training and practical institution of a higher category according to its scientific potential, staff and experimental-industrial base, both for scientists and students of various universities of Georgia, as well as for graduate students. The Institute conducts successful scientific cooperation with several leading universities and scientific-research centers: Marseille (France), Quebec (Canada), Liège (Belgium), Salerno (Italy), Athens (Greece), Ariel (Israel), Azerbaijan Medical University, Armenia Scientific Technological Center and others.
Several dozen monographs, work collections, and thousands of articles have been published in referenced and high impact factor journals.
TSMU Iovel Kutateladze Institute of Pharmacochemistry is actively involved in international and local scientific conferences and symposiums. It is also hosting many international conferences.
The Institute of Pharmacochemistry is recognized as an advanced scientific-research institute at the Georgian National Academy of Sciences, in the Ministry of Education and Science, at the Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs, Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation. Success and recognition is certified by a number of local and international certificates. TSMU Kutateladze Institute of Pharmacochemistry received the International Quality Crown Award (IQCA) prize and certificate. The award ceremony was held on November 21-23, 2015 in London (Great Britain). The reason for the award of TSMU Kutateladze Institute of Pharmacochemistry was the Business Initiative Directions (BID) research, according to which the Institute of Pharmacochemistry is the leader in management quality and uniqueness.
The Institute incorporates not only scientific-research activities, but also increases the volume of exports successfully through an experimental-industrial base, every year. The experimental-industrial base produces medications developed in the institute, as well as test-procedure regulations, biologically active substances for pharmacological tests and clinical studies.
Successful completion of infrastructure rehabilitation with financial support of  TSMU and the Development Program, allowed the creation of a  fully equipped academic research laboratory on the territory of the institute.  The lab is equipped with: an analytical high-efficiency liquid chromatograph with DAD, MS detectors, a preparation high performance liquid chromatograph; a gas chromatograph with FID and MS detectors; an analytical high-efficiency liquid chromatograph.
 Implementation of scientific research at the Institute of Pharmacochemistry is an important aspect of the institute’s mission and it has the following aims:
▪ Providing quality and results-oriented research;
▪ Provide diversity of scientific inquiry;
▪ Enhance profiles to integrate other sciences;
▪ Development of subject-oriented and interdisciplinary studies;
▪ Creating an appropriate base for integration into international scientific space
In 2017 two new medications were developed that are ready for serial production. Rebranding of two other medications has been made, this includes Floronin, that decreases blood nitrogen, and Tribusonin,  an atherosclerotic and anabolic medication.  Both will soon enter the pharmaceutical market.
In 2017, the Institute acquired 2 patents, 4 scientific grants. 3 Dissertation is protected. 2 PhD programs were prepared.
The Institute is successfully preparing PhD students, as well as provides professional practical, training and internship of Bachelor and Master student of faculty of Pharmacy of Tbilisi State Medical University.
A new lecture and research laboratory was formed in the institute for future young scientists.  For the first time in Georgia, in honor of the merited scientists, that contributed to the development of scientific and practical pharmaceuticals, TSMU Kutateladze Institute of Pharmacochemistry opened a Pharmacy Alley with Star for the merited researchers. As well as a medicinal plant “Medea garden” in honor of academician E. Kemertelidze.
Following the reintegration of the Institute within the TSMU, the University support allowed to continue successful scientific work, maintain existing real estate and other property, and improve the infrastructure.